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Finding Love in Your Garden

Finding Love

Finding Love in the Garden

If you want more love in your life, find it first in your garden. Plant and look after the various flowers, shrubs, herbs and even trees; they all represent love.

Roses are the absolute classic flower for messages of love. The colours are said to have different meanings, with red roses always accepted as pertaining to romantic love. Meditate upon a rose, set your intent to find true love. Concentrate on the shape and form of the petals, the way they are all packed into such a little package where they leave the stalk. The way they then open up, come out into their full glory. They have sat in bud for a long while, they have emerged from the unpromising beginnings of a thorny stalk. They have suffered abuse from wind and rain, from searing sun and dry, dry days and they have risen above all that, shining just for you, in this moment. The rose exists only for itself. Maybe the true love you find will be you.

A pink rose is a symbol or gratitude, sweetness and joy. A meditation on a pale pink rose will reward you with a sense of joy, purpose and love.

Rosemary, the symbol for remembrance and fidelity for lovers. The resinous scent of rosemary is a delight for the nose, the flavour it imparts to potatoes is legendary, use it in meat dishes, or crystallise the leaves for an intriguing sweet taste. Each time you use rosemary, consider its meaning, believe it and always be faithful to you.

Plant a tree for eternity. Cherry trees and cherry blossom are symbols of love. All trees represent longevity. Look in particular at our Kauri trees. When you need to know, that what you say and do, will be remembered for a long time, think of the patience of a tree growing; to be seen in its fulsomeness only by a future generation.

Finding love in the garden, finding the right thing to plant, in the right spot for you. Getting your hands in the soil, adding to and encouraging, nature’s own bounty; this is love. Love in your garden, love in self, love with others. All connected.