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Scent in the Night

Scent in the Night

Gardens can be joyous places. Walking in your garden in the evening, or under a moonlit sky, can be a profound experience. Of course, some plants and flowers display better under moonlight than others. These plants are worth meditating on when you are seeking hope in the darkness, or quiet repose.

Artemisia is a beautiful, fern like herb, its silvery foliage displaying to advantage in the moonlight. As it gently moves, wafting in any slight breeze, it reminds one of the fleeting nature of every human condition. Meditating on this herb in particular, concentrate on its disinfectant properties and use it to dis-infect you of that which is dis-ease in your life.

Lavender, of course, is the traditional herb for aiding relaxation and sleep. Its scent is pure joy. It may not be the showiest plant at night, however its perfume will fill your senses. Meditate on lavender for sleep, breathe deeply, inhaling its perfume. If you have a lavender plant or two, dry the leaves and flowers, enclose them in a little cotton or linen bag and place them under your pillow to promote restful sleep.

Evening primrose shows well under moonlight, bringing its sweet scent to you. Women, you can meditate on evening primrose to promote health during times of pre menstrual tension or menopause. Times when it is notoriously hard to find sleep. Find it in your garden.

Many other beautiful flowers show up well in the moonlight – Sweet Rocket, with its pale flowers and sweet perfume; Herb Chervil, with lacy white flowers; Night scented stock; Curry plant – the list goes on.

In New Zealand, our own Manuka and Kanuka, in flower, look amazing on a moonlit night, glowing against our dark bush and its own dark foliage. They have antiseptic properties, which can help heal your heart in a meditation.

Or if you at the seaside, walk on the shores on a moonlight night. The glow of the breaking waves, or ripples, the strong scent of the ocean salt. These are calming and therapeutic, as if you were having the best sea salt spa experience ever. If you aren’t near the sea, I’ve found just holding a glass jar of pure sea salt and asking for peace, works. I did just that this afternoon to get the focus to write this.

Everywhere, we have nature’s bounty to help us through difficult times, to help us appreciate the joy in living. Take in the sights, the scents, the sounds, for each has its own meaning, especially for you.