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Colouring in your garden

Colour in your garden

Colour in your life

Colour. For some, colour is anathema. They would rather wear black, appear sophisticated, think they show power and strength. Yes, those attributes may be part of black. So is depression. Big time. One cannot hide in black. One can bring one’s self down though, plus others around you. Yes, in the garden, the occasional black (or very dark purple ) bloom is desirable. Imagine though if all the garden were to consist only of these dark blooms. Hmm. Luckily, gardens tend to abound in colour and can instantly lift our moods, with their bright profusion. We can take a lead from this for our own garb. A day when you feel down? Wear orange for cheerfulness, or red for courage. Yellow for optimism or blue for peace. When I feel down, I always need to wear colour. A bright red coat when I need to be brave; bright pink when I need nurturing or paler pink when I need to express love. Always mixed with something else, black or white or dark brown or a creamy shade.

Similarly in the garden. With a background of glorious green, everything and every colour has its place. White may bring a lovely feeling of peace, simplicity, purity. On its own however, it may look cold and unsympathetic. Purely yellow would be too hard to live up to, whereas pink or red alone would be very hectic. Mixed with green and a few other colours dotted around, they become superb, stars of the show. Use the colours, look at how they work with each other. Set your intent to bring colour into your life, then let the world of plants show you the way.

Mix the colours with scent. Synergy in the garden. Love in the garden.