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Scent in the Night

Gardens can be joyous places. Walking in your garden in the evening, or under a moonlit sky, can be a profound experience. Of course, some plants and flowers display better under moonlight than others. These plants are worth meditating on when you are seeking hope in the darkness, or quiet repose. Artemisia is a beautiful, fern like herb, its silvery foliage displaying to advantage in the moonlight. As it gently moves, wafting in any slight breeze, it reminds one of the fleeting nature of every ...

October 12, 2021

Take it slowly

Focus on slow living We need to learn to focus, sometimes. Especially when we need to reframe our dreams and reshape our world. In your garden, Lemon Balm will be one of your best friends when you need uplifting and to bring a joyful focus to bear on whatever is causing you bother or worry. Meditate on Lemon Balm, concentrate on the fresh green leaves, almost heart shaped. Rub your fingers along the spine under the leaf and let the scent carry into your senses. Try not to think, just let the tho...

October 5, 2021

Finding Love in Your Garden

Finding Love in the Garden If you want more love in your life, find it first in your garden. Plant and look after the various flowers, shrubs, herbs and even trees; they all represent love. Roses are the absolute classic flower for messages of love. The colours are said to have different meanings, with red roses always accepted as pertaining to romantic love. Meditate upon a rose, set your intent to find true love. Concentrate on the shape and form of the petals, the way they are all packed into...

September 27, 2021

Gardening for the Soul

Gardening with IntentAll plants, flowers, herbs have their own meanings. To heal yourself spiritually and mentally, garden with intent; plant the things that bring you joy, that centre you, uplift or give courage. “I, Borage, bring always courage”   Originally a Latin phrase, borage was known to lift people’s spirits. Courage had this meaning then, not insane bravery as we understand courage now. Think about the glorious blue of borage flowers, with the (usually) pink star in the...

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